Admirals – The Fate of Star Navy

Hello All!

The last few months have been a whirlwind here at Cage Free – from chaotic job changes to massive system rewrites. We apologize for the drop off in communication, but we hope you’ll forgive us with this news:

The Admirals Game Engine

To say I have wanted to build a space combat tabletop game my entire life may be something of an understatement, and after years of toying with various mechanics, the result is now called the Admirals Game Engine™. Designed to simulate fleet engagements and and put an emphasis on ship positioning, Admirals will be the engine behind our first game.

The Admirals Game Engine™ was designed to create a compact yet deeply positional space combat game. Matches take about 30-60 minutes, and scenarios range from straight-up brawls, to convoy escorts, to planetary invasions.

But what will our first game be? We’re keeping mum on that for the moment (Can’t spoil all the fun right now!), but the Admirals Core Manual is under construction and will soon be available for PDF download.

What about Star Navy: Epsilon Point?

The Star Navy setting has seen some minor changes over the past few months, and we’re still excited to bring you stories from the Sturattis shell galaxy in the future. The setting will eventually see an Admirals Engine release of the Epsilon Point box, pitting the nascent Star Union against the Rath’Ton Empire. The monarchic Gekottan Kingdom (with their deadly Pulse Broadsides and Ion weaponry) will follow soon after, the first of many expansion factions in the setting.

But why all the secrecy?

Well, getting to this point took quite a while, and a lot of things changed for us personally in the meantime. We’re taking our time and trying not to get too ahead of ourselves with this one. Our goal is to take Admirals and create a fun, engaging game with deep strategic decisions, and give it a strong start to its life with an exciting setting. We have a few candidates we’re considering at the moment, and are working on narrowing that list now.

Stay tuned for more information – we’re very excited to bring you the Admirals Game Engine™ very soon!

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