Star Navy STL Files Available!

Hi folks!

We’ve been working over the weekend on the Rulebook for Star Navy, which you can expect soon, followed by the final Ship Sheets for the ships in the Epsilon Point scenario. In the meantime, we’ve put the STL files for Bases, the Star Navy Move Tool, and the Ships of Epsilon Point in our Public Release folder! You can find the link here:

The Rath’Ton Command Destroyer, or RT-DDC

For each Ship 3d Token you print, you will need a Base. Bases have a notch on the front, and are designed with an extra-tall peg. Before assembling your Token, dry fit the parts together first, and be sure to trim off excess peg on the Base so that the bottom of the Ship’s Hull fits flush with the flight stand of the base.

We’ll be writing up a guide on how we build and paint our official 3d Tokens later this week, so stay tuned!

We also want to apologize for the quiet the last couple days. Trying to balance continued work on the game and persistent updates on the website, while also working full-time jobs is, well, a bit exhausting. Please bear with us while we figure out the best way for us to communicate with the community and also continue designing free games for you.

Please enjoy your new 3d Tokens! We’d love to see your printed and painted pieces, so send them to us at !

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