Star Navy – The Game of Neo-Pulp Space Combat!

Cage Free Games is excited to announce our first upcoming release – Star Navy!

What is Star Navy?

Star Navy is a game of astronaval warfare in a universe with all the characteristics of an early sci-fi pulp story. Players fight tense battles with astronaval warships, manage the energy output of their subspace drives for powerful abilities, and issue commands to their fleets at critical moments.

Star Navy Mars-Class Carrier

Games are played on a 3’x3′ area (larger matches on a 3’x6′), and Ships are tracked using hex counters, or “3d Counters” like the Mars Class carrier you see here! Each turn is made up of 6 “Impulses”, each a step where all Ships move and attack. Most weapons can only fire once a turn, so choosing the right Impulse to fire a weapon can be a crucial decision!

Rath’Ton Empire Dalethal-Class Destroyer, Command Refit

Star Navy is also designed to have a flexible number of players and flexible difficulty. Each main player, or Admiral, may also have a Fleet Captain, or second player, who takes command of some of the Admiral’s ships. This allows both the Admiral and the Fleet Captain to focus on running fewer vessels at once, while still playing for the same goals. The Fleet Captain system is also an excellent way to learn to play, providing new players with an easy way to join the group.

So how can I get it?

Star Navy and Rath’Ton forces for The Incident at Epsilon Point

As with every Cage Free Game, Star Navy will be available for free download. Our first release will be “Incident at Epsilon Point”, and will be available in PDF format. While you can use paper counters and move tools, we also will provide 3d files to print our 3d tokens and move tool on your own 3d printer!

A Star Navy patrol fends off a Rath’Ton abduction raid

Want something nicer? Cage Free Games will also offer hand-painted 3d tokens (like the ones you’ve seen in this article!) in premium sets along with laminated ship terminals, as well as reference cards and other accessories in certain sets. There will also be a printed Rulebook available for those who prefer paper to pdf. We also plan to put every 3d model on Shapeways, where you can order 3d tokens with high quality detail.

A Star Navy Trebuchet-Class War Destroyer charges its Prime Beam Array

When can I try it?

The answer is: Very Soon! We’re ironing out the wrinkles in the rulebook, and formatting test sheets into ship terminals and Reference cards. Keep an eye on us here for more information as we approach our first release, Star Navy: Incident at Epsilon Point!

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