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Welcome! I’m sure you have many questions. We’re Cage Free Games, an organization dedicated to bringing you fun, engaging Tabletop games for free. But how, and why? And what games are we making? Well, today we’ll answer those questions!


We publish free print-ready files for anyone to download, print, and play as they like! If you like our games, we do plan to offer professional ways to order printed copies. Getting into a new Cage Free game is as easy as downloading and printing a PDF!


We view Game Design as an art, and something to be shared. Rather than charge folks to play our games, we would prefer that anyone who is interested have the opportunity to play. If you want to get into an established game, acquiring a collection isn’t a hurdle with a Cage-Free game!

What’s coming?

We have a number of projects in the works, but here’s a taste of our favorites:

Sol 3

Sol 3 is a storied project that has seen years of development in search of the right mechanics to fit it’s “Starfighter Mecha Strategy” theming. The setting paints a humanity whose home was destroyed in an apparent act of terror, and the plot follows several key characters as the galaxy destabilizes in the aftermath. The game uses a variant of our “Blood Magic” engine to deliver a light war game where you build your army on the fly.

Project Summoner

Built on our “Blood Magic” strategy system, “Project Summoner” is a strategy card game where players summon creatures from other planes by channeling their life force, and battle for control over rare Magic resources. Players of traditional card and strategy games may notice familiar themes in this unique game that sits comfortably between two genres.


Warlords is a cooperative card game of epic combat, where players each bring a prebuilt deck representing a Hero and their Warband against a Looming Threat. Threats are their own pre-built adventures, telling a story of rising evil. Players must command their Warbands to victory against these Threats, using the unique powers of each Warband to overcome the Threat and defeat the Mastermind.

… And more!

More excellent games are also in the works, but we’ll leave them as surprises for now! We’re excited to bring you new options for your game nights, and will have more information for you soon!

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